India unconcerned about safety of refugees

A child was raped and murdered in Tamil Nadu, India’s backyard of terror yet neither the government nor the politicians seem concerned.

Srija, a six-year-old girl was raped and murdered in Tamil Nadu recently. While police have succeeded in apprehending a suspect all is not over.

Srija was a Sri Lankan Tamil refugee living with her family and many others in the N. Mettupatti Refugee Camp in Tamil Nadu. What is strange and rather disturbing in all this is that Tamil Nadu’s Jayalalitha has been silent. Jayalalitha who portrays herself as the advocate for the rights of Sri Lankan Tamils, calling on the Indian government to get tough on Sri Lankan authorities is keeping mum on a human rights violation in her own state.

Is it that she is unconcerned when Sri Lankan Tamils are abused in her own backyard since this does not provide her with publicity as much as if a Sri Lankan Tamil was abused in Sri Lanka? Are the Sri Lankan Tamils a means of propping her up in power and of no concern to her beyond that?

The lack of interest shown in providing adequate security to the hundreds of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees living in Tamil Nadu seems to be a point. This is however not the first time that Sri Lankan Tamil refugees have been subjected to abuse. But neither Jayalalitha nor the policians at the Centre seem concerned.