Terror Nadu’s eunuchs huddle in the Lok

Sabha impotent to the cries of a thousand and one

voices in the valley up north. They dance


to the tune of the nautch girl


from the south now too old to lift a foot, an arm

in dance so she wags her tongue instead.

Terror Lalitha the fat wields her truncheon and a few

hundred innocent tourists are molested

by her mob. It doesn’t matter

that some are Tamil, the kind she is trying to save.


She has no cares for the likes of anyone


from her neighbour. The vote is all she lives

for, has been doing so for the past

several years. She is nothing and everyone knows it,

an old actress with naught to show her worth,

except a widening waistline, millions

plundered from the citizens, yet few want to

voice it.  The battles in Terror

Nadu are fought over political fault lines


Lalitha vs. Nidhi the corrupt


who hides his shame behind sun shades

and goes into battle to rule with no care for

the people on the street. Refugees


raped and killed in camps


in his own home while Delhi’s old men

blinded by power and hate bend in supplication to

the false Gods from the south.


© 2012 Shirani Rajapakse