All My Poems in One Place except “The Stray”

As of yesterday all my published poems are now collected in one space for easy reference. While the links will continue to be available here on this blog the poems are now all at PoemHunter at just one click.

However one poem “The Stray” which I posted here on the blog on November 25, 2011 was taken off as it included “profanity” – seems they didn’t like the word “bitch.” But what do you call a female dog? Is it profanity to or what? You be the judge. Here’s the poem again.

The Stray

“Why Take her? She’s a

bitch” he



She stared

at him.



“Your mother’s

the same kind,”

she replied and

took the


bitch home.



2 thoughts on “All My Poems in One Place except “The Stray”

  1. karenrsanderson

    I’m surprised that it was excluded because of profanity. That site must have a very low threshold for profanity, considering what I’ve seen on so many other sites!


    1. Yes I was surprised too, but I wrote explaining what it was and they’ve agreed to put it back. I think they must have some computer filter system with specific words listed. Oh well, at least there are humans that you can reason with 🙂 But its nice to know there are people that care about other peoples feelings.


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