Shirani Rajapakse

Shirani Rajapakse is a Sri Lankan poet and author. Shirani has been involved in some form of writing for the past twenty years, from writing stories and reporting as a journalist to working in research. She is presently involved in creative writing.

Shirani was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka and had her primary and secondary education at Musaeus College, a private girls school in Colombo. She read for an Honours degree in English Literature from the University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka and has a Masters in International Relations from the Jawaharlal Nehru University in India.

She worked at the Sunday Times and the Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka and in International Organizations including the World Bank and Commonwealth Secretariat.

Shirani first started writing in the early 1990s after she completed studies at the University of Kelaniya. Some early poems are posted on triond and writeclique.

 Breaking News a collection of short stories was published in April 2011 by Vijitha Yapa Publications. It was shortlisted for the Gratiaen Award 2010 . Also available at Amazon.

In 2013 Shirani won the Cha “Betrayal” Poetry Contest.

She was a finalist in the 2013 Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Awards.

Shirani’s poetry and short stories appear in, Flash:The International Short-Short Story Magazine, Litro, Silver Birch, International Times, Writers for Calais Refugees, The Write-In, Asian Signature, Moving Worlds, Citiesplus, Deep Water Literary Journal, Mascara Literary Review, Kitaab, Lakeview Journal, Cyclamens & Swords, New Ceylon Writing, Channels, Linnet’s Wings, Spark, Berfrois, Counterpunch, Earthen Lamp Journal, Asian Cha, Dove Tales, Buddhist Poetry Review, About Place Journal, Skylight 47, The Smoking Poet, New Verse News and The Occupy Poetry Project.

Her work has been anthologies in Asian Short Stories (forthcoming Kitaab 2017), Flash Fiction International (Norton 2015), Ballads (Dagda 2014), Short & Sweet (Perera Hussein 2014), Poems for Freedom (River Books 2013), Voices Israel Poetry Anthology 2012, Song of Sahel (Plum Tree 2012), Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology, World Healing World Peace (Inner City Press 2012 & 2014)  and Every Child Is Entitled to Innocence (Plum Tree 2012).

The links to most of the published poems are included under “Literary Magazines/Journals” or “Anthologies.” The older poems, including those published on this site and other blogs can be accessed on Poem Hunter.

4 thoughts on “Shirani Rajapakse

    1. Thanks Toby,

      Glad you liked it. I thought of doing something about Occupy Wall Street that was from a different perspective, of someone living far away in a sweat shop where the protests at Wall Street meant absolutely nothing to her life.


  1. Thilak Mallawaarachchi

    Hello Shirani,

    I like what is in this project and have an interest inner traditional ways of life. Do you happen to remember the full verses of the old poem on gami diviya that also contained something like:

    Katu mati biththiye polawata bara there
    Mati galavila dikands yai ge pare?

    Love to have the full poem and the name of the oet – Sagara Palnsuriya??


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