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Can you even imagine what it might feel like to live under the shadows of terrorism? Not for just a day but for 30 long years? Remember 9/11?

A recent recruit in the Army, a woman running a boarding house for young girls in Colombo, a young mother in a terrorist controlled area and a small boy in a remote village all experience the effects of terrorism in  different ways with devastating consequences. A young woman loses a loved one at the height of Marxist unrest.

But all is not lost.

There’s always another side and life goes on.

A bored woman cries because the Marxist leader looks different in a photograph, a young woman grapples with society’s disapproval towards single women, a boy forgets his mother tongue and a woman is disgusted with her life in the West.

All this takes place amidst death and destruction; the terror of not knowing.  It’s like a 9/11 scenario played in day in day out. Enough drama for nine stories?


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