Flash Fiction International – W.W.Norton

My story is included in this anthology.”The authors of several stories set in war-torn lands, among them Lin Dinh’s “Man Carrying Books” (Vietnam) and Shirani Rajapakse’s “Shattered” (Sri Lanka), use the brevity of the form strategically to suggest the vulnerability of their characters to sudden twists of fate.” Flash Fiction International (W.W.Norton). Read the full review at Publishers Weekly.

“Right on the trail of Kafka and coincidentally just a few pages after him, we have the story “Shattered” by Shirani Rajapakse from Sri Lanka. The title hits the reader like the single-worded and sometimes monosyllabic title of a horror movie. Now this is not the case at all in terms of genre but the events described are nothing short of horrifying. The writer speaks about war, like many other Lankan writers do, but Shattered puts a unique spin on the theme.” Read the full review at Kitaab.

Or check out the review at W.W.Norton.


2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction International – W.W.Norton

  1. Satya Pattanaik, 7464 Wisdom Lane, Dublin, OH 43016, USA

    Hi Shirani, My name is Satya Patnaik. I am originally from Orissa (India) and currently living in USA. I have been translating World stories to my language and would like to translate the story ‘Shattered’ published in this anthology. I need your permission. Thank you !


    1. Hi Satya, I don’t have a problem in letting you translate the story. However could you please send a request to my email shiraniraj@hotmail.com mentioning this as well as what language you hope to translate to and where it will be published. This is a formality. Hope you understand. I will also need to inform the editors of the anthology about it. Thanks. Have a nice day.


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