Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts

Turn to pg 115 for “Earth Song”” in Vol 4 No 1, February 2016. Or see below.


Earth Song


I am the weeping earth cringing

in pain when you dig me up, pulling out


limbs, entrails leaving me to hemorrhage.

Shocked, in excruciating pain, no one hears my


silent cries. Children orphaned, lives torn apart,

fracking my veins drinking me dry. Parched


I crumble into pieces. I am the silent sky watching

anger whizz by to explode in places you don’t like.


Not yours to care while I listen

to the cries of the weak


trying to make sense of it all

amidst terror raining down from


above. I am the roaring waves, the deep

darkness under heaving waters, flowing rivers


gurgling streams and silent lakes that stand still as

mirrors for clouds to comb their hairs. You


damn me everywhere but I lift my

head straining to rise, course through the


way I want and not how you think

I should. I am the raging fire that burns, taking


the trees with me chasing the birds away,

the deer, rabbits and wild beasts


that hide within my voluminous cloaks. Trees, how

I love to sway to birds tunes, the beat of squirrels feet,


weave my magic through the land, burrowing in deep,

standing up tall reaching high to the skies waving


my many arms in the breeze holding onto life. I am

woman I am life I am earth and I bleed.


“Driving Down Galle Road” is on page 39-40 of Vol 2 No1,  February 2014.  Or read it below.


Driving Down Galle Road 


Did you see the dead walking

along the shore last night? Or hear

the mournful wails of souls


caught up in limbo? They came ashore

from the bottom of the sea that stole them

many years ago. Branches of the


coconut trees shivered as they stood

swaying in the balmy nights’

breeze. The lone dog howled from the


house many miles inland. He seemed to

sense all was not right. Was

he the only one to know of your


presence? Did others inside houses not

know? Or were they tired of it all? Lost

souls wrenched away by the sea so long ago


now coming ashore to call on the living,

asking for things they couldn’t

get in their life. Taken away too soon,


before they could begin to live.

Borne away by the roaring waves away, away

many fathoms into the deep. They now


cry to return, unfinished lives, unfinished

business but the seas only roar

as they hover about on land. Waiting.