# Mali, the poem written for the jailed Sri Lankan elephant and posted on my blog in 2012 is included in Animal Liberation Front.com. Let’s hope more people get behind the effort to save Mali, like they did for Sunder.  Go here for the poem or go here to check out the rest of the poems, stories and essays  and other facts relating to animal rights/abuse posted on Animal Liberation Front.com. in 2014

# “Letter to a Soldier from Another Time” was posted on TheatreCloud on August 29, 2014. It was part of a call for poems in commemoration of the centenary of World War I.

# Three poems- “Saturday Afternoon”, Inside the Old Room” and “Late Evening” were featured on Poetry Week at the WordShark in February 2013.

# “Missing Pieces”, a story from Breaking News, is featured in Downright Fiction. check it out if you want to read a complete story from the collection.

# Winning Writers provided a critique of the poem “Words”. To read the poem and critique please go to Winning Writers.

# My poem “I Live in Dreams” was featured on the radio program Verses in Motion. Listen to Verses In Motion aired on October 15, 2011 for a reading of the verse by Laura LME. The reading is towards the end of the show at approximately 01:23: 40.

4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. I really like this blog! Plenty of passion has clearly gone into doing what you love, keep it going!

    If you have anytime I would appreciate if you could check out mine, Any tips would be welcomed.. I only started it today so be nice haha!


    1. Hi Paul,
      Thanks for the comments. Yes I love writing and hope to publish more, although this is the most tiresome part – submitting to mags or publishers and waiting for their response.But I guess that’s the world of writing!
      Sorry I couldn’t reply earlier. Checked out your blog, and wow, all that in one day! Pretty amazing. I’d like to get into film, maybe to do small movies of my poems, but don’t know how to get about it. I guess its probably easy, just hold a camera and shoot! But then that would be like selfies and I’m not sure how to put everything together.
      Have a nice day and keep doing what you love doing.


  2. Lisa

    Ms. Rajapakse,
    You published a piece called “Shattered” in the Iowa City Reader 316. We’ve received a request from an entity seeking permission to use that piece in another anthology. Would you feel comfortable sharing your email address with me so that I may pass it along? I can be reached at the university (lisa-dupree [at] uiowa.edu).


    1. Hi Lisa,
      I had no idea my piece “Shattered” was published anywhere. This is a surprise. Could you please send me the link as I can’t seem to find anything online for Iowa City Reader 316.

      Yes of course you can allow anyone to use it in an anthology. Could you let me know what the anthology is and who is editing/publishing it.

      My email is shiraniraj@hotmail.com and my skype id is Shirani.Rajapakse
      Have a nice day!


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