A Sneak Peek from “Torn Back Together” by Areatae N McGhee

Permission2 – a poem from Torn Back Together by Areatae N McGhee.


 Love me without limits

Yes, you have permission2

Give me a hug when you see me

Yes, you have permission2

Show your feelings so I can reciprocate mines

Yes, you have permission2

Be in my corner at all times

Yes you have permisson2

Be proud of who I am at all times

Yes you have permisson2

Take care of me

Yes you have permisson2

Find out what I like and use that to make me happy

I was afraid to tell you how I felt

I decided to tell you anyway

No matter, no matter

I could have held it in for another week, month or year

Something in me

Just wanted to

Just needed to

Just had to

Let you know

Yes, you have permission to

be in my life forever.