Await! “Torn Back Together”by Areatae N. McGhee

Poetry Launch happening soon!

Areatae N McGhee, will be releasing her new book of poems Torn Back Together on May 1, 2017. Torn Back Together is about love, life and relationships and how each of us deals with the situations we face. Areatae dropped in to answer a few questions about the book, her love for writing and music.


SR: Tell us something about yourself?

AMcG: I’m from the Pacific Northwest in the US. I started writing around the age of 10 or 11. My father raised me around music and my home was full musical instruments. My dad was in a band and played bass. My family members, such as my uncle’s played keyboard and drums and aunt sung in a group. This is where my love for music and writing started. I began to journal my experiences and write lyrics in my favorite genres R & B, Hip –Hop, and Jazz.  My writings reflect experiences on topics that anyone can relate to no matter race, creed, education or background. I write for people who like to read.  I am currently working on my Master’s degree in Instruction Curriculum and Leadership from the University of Memphis, and last year I became a Certified Family Life Educator.

SR: What inspired you to write this collection?

AMcG: This collection came about when I was listening to R & B music.  Several songs of breaking up, expressing why they would leave a relationship or saying how much they loved someone and would stay, kept playing. It took me to a place of being in the same situation; being torn about my feelings and wanting to make it work again. It’s an everyday reality in relationships that you will hear in conversations with men and women, on TV and in music, so it was easy for me to write.

SR: Torn Back Together is an interesting title. What’s the story behind the title?

AMcG: The title, Torn Back Together is what we as people have experienced in a relationship.  Wanting to make a relationship work after respect or trust is broken can stem from  not being appreciated,  lack of communication, lies, cheating, financial situations or lack of support.  But even those experiences will not keep a person from giving up on who they love. It doesn’t change the fact that two people were caring, supportive, there at the time of a loss, birth, or made it through several times of struggle with each other. These are just a few reasons a person may feel, Torn Back Together.

SR: As a writer, do you feel people can draw inspiration from this book?

AMcG: I write to move people, just as music does. Many of my writings are of my personal experiences, so it’s a real feeling people relate to when they read a poem or quotation I write.  I would like for readers to look at my writing from another perspective to learn from, grow or to feel what I or someone else could go through in a relationship.

SR: You designed the cover. Are the words from your poems, like a sneak peek into what’s inside?

AMcG: Yes, most of those words on the cover are from the writings in my book. Some words are just how I was feeling or have felt at the time of being in a torn relationship. It does not give a sneak peek, but it is a common theme of what to expect.

SR: You also write music. Have you done any recordings?

AMcG: I have written Hip -Hop, Rap, and R & B music. I could write another genre because music is universal it’s about a message of the feeling, vision of what you or others have experienced on paper. I still write music here and there when it comes to me. I have not done any professional recordings, but have recorded before.  I listen to music every day. It helps me when I’m going through a bad day, feeling good or just wanting to feel good.

SR: What’s it like to be a mentor, and do you have any success stories you’d like to share?

AMcG: My mentoring started with family and friends then it continued with people I work with or would meet. I enjoy when a friend or family member calls to ask me for assistance on their next career move. We end up discussing education, employment, resume writing or talk about their next move and what that would look like.  Whenever I speak with someone we always communicate on the reality of life and finding the positives out of the negatives. There are no success stories to share. The only thing I will say is it makes me smile when I see people I’ve spoken to over several days, weeks and months finally get in their “flow.”

SR:  Is there anything else you like readers to know about this book?

AMcG: This book will give readers another perspective on what it is like for a person who wants to stay and work it out in a relationship, and another person’s willingness to give it one more chance. I hope readers will enjoy it and can put themselves in one of these writings and can say, yes that’s me, or, I’ve been there. Love is great and so are relationships, but its hard work to keep it together. Every day, just like a job, you put in the time.

Check back here on the May 1st, 2017 for more news about the book.