Sarah Lamar King

Poems Galore, Sarah Lamar King’s first collection of poetry was written when she was in the third grade. She stopped writing for a long time due to various reasons, but started again and has published two collections. My North Star Misled Me (Creative Talents Unleashed, December 2015), Melancholy’s Autograph  (Creative Talents Unleashed, January 2017). Sarah’s poems reflect the darker side of life and take on deeper meaning when one realizes that life hasn’t been too kind to her. 

Sarah Lamar KingSR What was it like growing: up? Do you feel bitter that your parents gave you up for adoption?

SLK: Bitter?….No.   I feel the emptiness of unanswered questions…   Growing up in an adoptive home was difficult.  As I got older I felt the distance…the void of where unconditional love should have been.   You question why blood must bind you.   You question your place in life, as peace and home constantly elude you.

I understood the reasoning of my biological parents decision.  I also understood the regret they carried with them through their lives based on that decision.  My only regret is not spending more time with them while they were still here, not asking enough questions.   Most people suffer the loss of their parents once.  I suffered theirs twice.

My aunt and uncle adopted me when I was 6 months old.  They had been my parents my entire life when I found out my “dad” was molesting my disabled daughter and had done it to my two sisters as well.  That is the only thing I am bitter about.

SR: What are the poems in Poems Galore about? Have you published any of them?

SLK:  Poems Galore was a collection of innocent poems, a 3rd graders viewpoint on the world, the curiosity it brings.  Unfortunately,  revenge from those adoptive parents for me running away from home, from their abuse, at age 16, they threw all of my things away, including Poems Galore.  So, none of it has been published; it is lost forever.

SR: Why did you choose poetry over fiction?

SLK: For truth. The poetry I write comes from a very real place, from real experience.  It’s not wrapped in ribbons and imagination plays no role.  My first book My North Star Misled Me, I have heard from so many people that it is difficult to read, you can’t get through very many pages without crying or feeling your heart ripped out.  The rawness of it is what drags you in and keeps you there, but it is also what makes you want to hide the book out of your own reach.  Some truths are too hard to face.

SR: Your poetry is described as ‘dark,’ yet there is also hope in them. How do you turn the darkness into light? And how do you deal with the negative things in a positive way?

SLK:  I think people find hope it my poetry simply because it validates emotions they are feeling themselves, many of the feelings are taboo to speak of, so most people feel they need to hide them or lock them away. I speak for the silent.  And they see that I have come through it, which in turn, gives them hope that they can make it through it as well.  My poetry gives their feelings a home.

Dealing with negative things in a positive way is a constant battle, and it takes a lot of practice.  The realization that I needed to eliminate negativity from my life in order to keep my physical and mental health from deteriorating played a huge part in my 2nd book not being as dark, you can see from one book to the next how my healing had evolved.

SR: What inspired the poems in both My North Star Misled Me and Melancholy’s Autograph

SLK:  Life inspires everything I write.  Real life experiences, whether they be mine or yours, inspire me to put the river of emotions on paper in minimal words.  I love sending a powerful message in as few words as possible.  I almost feel a need to touch every emotion in some way, even if just to help one person going through it.

SR: You published both My North Star Misled Me and Melancholy’s Autograph last year. What was the reason to publish them so close together?

SLK:  There was one year in between them, which is rather quickly to publish again.  It took me that full year to write Melancholy’s Autograph.   I felt I still had so much to say, which is the only reason behind it.  I write only what comes to me, therefore I feel no pressure to meet deadlines or pump more pieces out to pacify anyone.  I stay true to myself and my work, which is why every piece I write holds great meaning.

SR: What are your plans for the future?

SLK:   I have been planning an upcoming book signing for both of my books.  I am also hosting an anthology titled Fire &Ice that will be coming out in the next few months.  As for a 3rd book, only time will tell.  Right now I need to focus on promoting the first two and the anthology.   I have written many new pieces, but not enough to make another book yet lol.

Call the angels


 Tell them I’ll be leaving

Just as I came…sad, alone…

Something like home,


I’ve been paralyzed for some time


Because life is so much easier

When you pretend it doesn’t hurt

But, the clock that delivers your truths

Never stops ticking


Maybe I’ve been crazy all along,

Forget what’s gone…

The monsters start to look like

You and I.