Royal Deception -Denae Christine

Genre: Epic Fantasy

About the Book

Royal DeceptionA Prince who can shift his arms into swords, a tutor who can shift his arms into wings, and a madman who wants to kill them both . ….

Like all royals, thirteen-year-old Prince Symon is a living weapon. Literally. His best friend, Lana, is also a blade shifter, his tutor is a bird shifter, and then his only brother is killed by fish shifters. Should Symon embrace animal shifter persecution like the rest of his kingdom?

Symon doesn’t have time to decide. Someone is trying to kill him, and his magic blades won’t be enough to save him. If he trusts the wrong people, he could start a war.

For generations, blade shifters have ruled commoners and animal shifters without trouble.

Until now.

From the Book 

“Three seconds later, snow-white blades pointed toward his neck.  Noble guards held sayirs inches from him, their shifted arms steady.  Bazon’s skin tingled in anticipation of his imminent stabbing.  He had read about sayirs, but seeing them up close was entirely different.”

About the Author

Denae Christine first wanted to be a missionary, then an astronaut, then a veterinarian, and then an author. She started at Colorado State University to learn to be an editor but became a math teacher instead. Other people think she’s a little confused. She never gave up the dream to become an author and writes when she’s not teaching or reading. (Or sleeping or eating, but you get the idea.)

Denae started the Royal Deception trilogy as one book in 2008 during NaNoWriMo, writing in her notebook whenever there weren’t customers at work. Eventually the story became three books, and there are side plots bouncing around her head begging for a fourth and fifth book in this world. The trilogy will only be three books, but she hasn’t decided about the companion books.