The Day After the End of the World: a tale of catastrophe and other gifts – Rebecca Long Howard

Genre: nonfiction/memoir

 About the Book

 Mother Nature had a temper tantrum…

Within a three-day period, over three hundred tornadoes hit the South. On April 27th, 2011, seven monster-storms touched down in Cleveland, Tennessee. One EF4 tornado annihilated the little haven that Rebecca called home, devastated life, as she knew it, and threatened her sanity.

The phenomenon was termed an “outbreak”. For Rebecca’s family, a natural disaster was no longer something that happened to other people. It was personal, and after the wind died, their real battle against “Mister Twister” began.

Volunteers arrived to help Rebecca pick up the pieces of her sanctuary.

But, could she put those pieces back together again?

From the Book

“The first few days, I cried without really noticing it, but those tears soon disappeared into sweat. My sorrow retreated into silence, refusing to waste itself in expression. It listened to my jokes without ruining the punchlines. While I threw my broken things away, mourning busied itself remembering. It was not pain’s turn to speak. It could wait.”

About the Author

When Rebecca is not immersed in wholehearted servitude to the best grandchild in the universe, or fulfilling the needs of of one too many rescue pets, she devotes herself to words. She writes her own words, edits the written word of others, and asks people she meets to tell her their own stories.
Rebecca is also addicted to coffee, nicotine, and studying whichever random subjects strike her fancy. She is created entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions, laughter, and the grace of God.