Walls of Silence – Helen Pryke

Genre: Women’s Fiction

About the Book:

Living in the mountains of Sicily, Maria has the perfect childhood until the tragic accident that changes her life forever. The events that follow will take her away from her home town to the streets of Milan, in an ever-increasing spiral of abuse and deception. Will she ever be able to trust anyone ever again? Set in turbulent 1960s Italy, Walls of Silence is the story of a girl who must find the courage and strength to survive her family’s betrayal and the prejudices of her country. Part of the proceeds from this book will go to a women’s centre in the UK.

From the Book:

Childhood memories are like a butterfly resting on a flower. At the exact moment when you think you’re close enough to touch one, it flutters away on trembling wings, tantalisingly out of reach.

It’s funny how certain memories seem to stand out in your mind, while others fade away and become long forgotten. As sharp as the image of an exotically-coloured butterfly seen on television, I can clearly picture that great adventure of the summer of ’58, the last time I truly felt free before the incident that turned my world upside down and changed everything forever.

When you’re young, summer holidays always seem magical, especially when you’re eight years old; long, hot days in which to forget everything you’ve learnt at school during the year, and endless opportunities to get in to all sorts of trouble that no-one will ever find out about.

Living in Ferla, my friends and I had more freedom than most. Our mothers could let us leave the house in the morning knowing we were completely safe from harm, playing our innocent childhood games together just as they did when they were young. Never once imagining that we turned into little savages running wild around the countryside as soon as we were out of sight.

About the Author:

I moved to the north of Italy 26 years ago, without knowing a word of Italian! I picked it up pretty quickly, mostly by watching American soaps dubbed in Italian with Italian subtitles…but was too shy to speak for about a year! 26 years later, I now work as a translator, from Italian to English. It’s a job I love, especially when I got the chance to translate a children’s book and screenplay written by an Italian author. The screenplay is now winning awards at American film festivals! I have always written short stories and books from an early age – I still have a short story I wrote when I was 10 that was published in the school magazine! I love reading – I’ll read almost anything! I tend to spend most of my free time relaxing with my husband and two sons, and eating delicious Italian food! The only thing I don’t like about Italy is the climate – cold and damp in the winter, hot and humid in the summer. With infestations of mosquitoes in the summer and stink bugs in the autumn…but all in all, it’s a great place to live.

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