The Writer’s Space

Step inside.

Make yourself at home.

This is a place for writers of all kinds, poets, storytellers, troubadours, editors and people involved in, or connected to writers in some way, like publishers, graphic artists, book designers and any others, to talk about their passion, share their views of the world and let us in on a moment in their lives.

There are thousands of writers out there and millions of books published. But most of us barely hear about these writers or read their books. Why? Because they aren’t published by the big publishing houses and aren’t featured on the best seller lists anywhere nor have they won awards and been feted by the media. That doesn’t mean there are no good writers. I’ve read some wonderful books by writers published by small presses or who have self published.

I decided to promote self published writers and writers who have published in small presses. Each month I will feature a different creative person from somewhere on Earth. I will also post reviews of books I’ve read and liked.

Save the link to this site and drop in whenever you feel like. Also give me a shout out if you know a good writer you’d like to see interviewed or whose book you’d like to see reviewed here and I’ll add to my list, or I’ll invite you to do the honors.

You can also drop in for a chat on FB , follow me on twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn or Goodreads.


6 Responses to The Writer’s Space

  1. Shirani, do you include writers who publish their work on their own web sites or services such as, Smashwords, and Scribed?



    • Hi Thomas, yes I will include writers who publish on their own websites and other places as long as they are indie authors. If you haven’t published through a traditional publishing house, or haven’t paid a publisher to publish your work, then I’d be happy to include you here.


  2. I do the same thing at – maybe we could collaborate sometimes?


  3. How do we submit a book for your review and to possibly be posted here?


    • Hi Yvonne, I don’t review books very often because I take a long time to read. I also don’t accept books for review but go in search of them, and only review what I like. I’ve already got three books to read and review and I don’t want to accept anymore at the moment, at least until I finish those three. But let me see if I can find someone who might be interested. Could you please send me some details about the book, title, genre, a blurb and a link to the book.


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