The Way It Is

We can’t sing certain songs that speak of our glorious past or our identity. We are shamed. Tunes hummed softly to walls that sometimes listen but don’t record words barely coherent they brush cheeks against hard surfaces and sigh to winds passing outside. We can’t be proud of our history, the long winding road of… Read More The Way It Is

Flash Fiction International -W.W.Norton

“The authors of several stories set in war-torn lands, among them Lin Dinh’s “Man Carrying Books” (Vietnam) and Shirani Rajapakse’s “Shattered” (Sri Lanka), use the brevity of the form strategically to suggest the vulnerability of their characters to sudden twists of fate.” Flash Fiction International (W.W.Norton). Read the full review at Publishers Weekly. Or check… Read More Flash Fiction International -W.W.Norton


The theme of this issue of Cities + is language. The issue “explores how Cities speak through bodies, books, buildings, cracked images, children’s drawings, grafitti, ground diagram sillouettes, maps, mechanical sounds, musical notes, pictures, poems, scents, sidewalks. Consider this issue as a multi-sensory dictionary, whose entries go far beyond words, and go back to them… Read More Cities+Language

2014- the Year that Commemorates Global Catastrophes

2014 is a significant year for anniversaries of disasters. While all attention seems to be on the centenary of World War I this year is also significant as it the anniversary of several natural catastrophes that took place around the world. It’s the 30th anniversary of Bhopal Gas Disaster in India, the 20th anniversary of… Read More 2014- the Year that Commemorates Global Catastrophes